Bat Surveys

Treefellas Arboriculture Ltd has many years’ experience in conducting bat surveys in trees to establish any evidence of bat roosting or potential for bat roosting. Bats and the places they use for shelter or protection (i.e. roosts), are protected by UK legislation. It is illegal to kill, injure, capture or disturb bats, or damage, destroy or obstruct access to a bat roost.

Our experienced team will undertake an initial bat assessment of a tree or trees to identify evidence of the presence of bats or potential bat roosting features, such as cavities or voids in the tree structure. In the event that evidence of bat usage is identified during the bat survey, further bat activity surveys may be required. This can take up to three surveys during May-September at dusk/dawn.

Treefellas can undertake or advise on any necessary tree work in tree stock with roosting bats or potential for bats to roost in an ecologically sensitive manner. This may involve careful dismantling or soft felling of trees, or selected removal of unsafe, diseased or damaged limbs without causing disturbance to habitat. We will work closely with landowners, main contractors and ecologists to ensure any work carried out meets all legal requirements for the safeguarding of bats and their habitat. We can also provide installations of artificial bat roosts, nesting boxes or modify other tree stock to provide new bat friendly habitat. This can help to establish systems through which roosting bats can be encouraged to relocate to new suitable habitat, enabling necessary tree works to be undertaken or to mitigate against lost bat habitat through tree damage.