Tree Planting

Treefellas Arboriculture have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to carry out tree & shrub planting on your property to enhance your garden. When it comes to tree and shrub planting, knowing what tree to plant and how and where to plant it can make all of the difference.

Whether your preference is for decorative, fruiting trees, fast growing or shade giving, we can advise on the best trees to suit your location, garden size and soil type, and select species that have the best chance of thriving. We know our trees and can work with you to help you decide which plants might work best for you. Our knowledge of growth rates, expected maximum heights and crown diameters of a wide range of tree species will help you to select the right trees for your garden, and may help to prevent problems in the future. Selecting the correct trees and planting in the right locations can avoid damage to other plant stock, buildings and structure on your property.

Our trained arborists take great pride in planting trees with confidence and working with you, the customer, to deliver an excellent service. We only source the best quality whips, saplings and shrubs and employ planting methods that will ensure that your new tree grows into a healthy mature specimen.