With over 20 years experience, Treefellas Arboriculture Ltd can undertake large contract and commercial site clearance projects to prepare your site for development, utilities & infrastruture improvements, land management or habitat enhancement.

A complete package of services can be provided from selected species removal, clear felling or vegetation clearing to chipping, removal of arisings, stump grinding or other site specific site clearance requirements. Treefellas can work closely with you to establish best methods of work to ensure that any site clearance work is executed in a safe and effective manner. We can also provide advice of any veteran trees, or trees of ecological worth, and how best to protect these and maintain their integrity whilst proceeding with site clearance works. This can also be followed up with site visits to supervise tree root protection during any subsequent construction work.

Treefellas Arboriculture Ltd are proud to be one of an elite group of 300 Approved Contractors of the Arboricultural Association in the UK. This means that we work to the absolute highest standard and are externally audited annually to ensure the quality of our work, health and safety and customer satisfaction.

We can quickly and efficiently get your site ready for whatever you have planned. At Treefellas, we know that your business relies on us to be quick and professional and we take great pride in providing such a service. 

When performing a site clearance, our expert team will always take into consideration the future use for the site. From a small overcrowded garden, to large scale development  sites. Attention to detail is of paramount importance to us. 

We have both the equipment and experience to provide a cost effective solution for any size of site. We are available to provide quotes for all aspects of site clearance work including habitat reconstruction. 

We can also advise on how to protect trees not being cleared as part of the site redevelopment, what materials to use and attend site to supervise root protection during clearance and construction work.