Treefellas Arboriculture specialise in tree felling and tree removal services. We are able to remove any species and size of tree safely, efficiently and under difficult and demanding surroundings. Our highly experienced arborists can fell trees with great accuracy ensuring the safety of your property.

A variety of tree removal methods can be used including sectional dismantling, directional felling, specialist winch operations or the use of cranes. All tree removal and tree felling work is carried out in accordance with the British Standard 3998:2010 'Recommendations for tree work.

We offer a complete service from pre-works consultation to ensure that you are happy with our tree felling methods and so that we understand your exact requirements, through to clearing up and leaving your property to your satisfaction. We can remove any felled tree material from your property or leave you with cut fresh logs from your tree if want them. Our towable chippers can also process tree branches to wood chip into the back of one of our chip box mounted vans for easy removal.

Our domestic tree felling and tree removal services operate throughout South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and all surrounding areas. Our friendly team of tree surgeons will carry out the job to the highest level possible, and ensure that you’re happy with the end result.

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.