Treefellas Arboriculture specialise in tree felling and tree removal services including stump removal.

We have a large tracked Jo Beau stump grinder to quickly remove even the largest of tree stumps in the most cost effective way

For more difficult to access locations we also have a "narrow access" Predator stump grinder that can be lifted up and down steps and will even go through a residential doorway if needed to access the most difficult of stumps

We also have a portable petol powered WINCH and an 8 Tonne Forestry Winch on our John Deere Tractor, so can pull out stumps where this is more appropriate than grinding them out

We are also Certified with the use of Glyphosate to treat stumps that need to be killed without the cost or ground disruption of full removal. In certain situations the best way to do this is using slow release Eco-Plugs rather than liquid herbicide application and we are both certified and experienced in this method of stump killing too. This can be due to legal or environmental constraints, risk to water courses or nearby planting / trees.

Our domestic tree felling and tree removal services operate throughout South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and all surrounding areas, but we will certainly travel further for larger contracts and quite often do!

Our friendly team of tree surgeons will carry out the job to the highest level possible, and ensure that you’re happy with the end result.

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.